Risk and direct threats are unavoidable, but they can be managed with the right approach and with the right training.
Our active threat and risk management training, empowers attendees with the knowledge and skills to have more situational awareness and to be better prepared should a critical, life-threatening event occur. 
We not only design strategies to move your organization away from current risks, but also to take action through operationalizing strategies to the tactical level. In short, we break down your risks to inform strategic and tactical decisions that will support your business.  
A balance of knowledge and practical preparation for adversity is the core of our training and this is not only for the workplace but can also be useful in everyday situations as well.  
Our Instructional Staff are drawn from current and former Combat Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers and Intelligence Personnel who have years of hands on experience in their selected fields. Each instructor has been primed to project their life lessons to our students in a way that makes their techniques and knowledge easily understood, quickly learned and supremely adaptable to any given situation.

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