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Defense Mobility

Dedicated to exceeding client expectations and offering the greatest reliability for government, defense, and private security needs.

Welcome to Defense Mobility!

Defense Mobility is the worldwide premier provider of specialized security and intelligence solutions, expanding into a newer and larger role as a defense contractor. We deliver highly trained security professionals and protective solutions for a distinguished clientele. 

Our clients are from all around the world including government entities, dignitaries, celebrities, company executives, and high-profile personalities. All of our clients value an experienced security partner, suited to their personal and business needs. In the event of an unexpected event or unforeseen violence, our tactical team utilizes their skills and knowledge to protect our client and our client’s assets.

At Defense Mobility, we continually enhance our customer experience to meet the ever-changing demands associated with private security and intelligence. We elevate personal security and defense contracting solutions to the highest level by continually upgrading our strategies, procedures, and equipment. Fulfilling client needs is at the core of our business.